Oh, Boy! Here comes my new mattress!

Oh, Boy! Here comes my new mattress!


You’ve purchased a new mattress!  You can’t wait for the delivery.  Here’s how you can be prepared for our delivery crews.

Our delivery crews are ready and able to bring your bed to you! 

All of our deliveries consist of the same great service (also known as ‘white glove’ delivery in the business!).  This includes delivery and set up of your bed and/or furniture in the room of your choosing.  We will remove all of the packing material and haul away that along with  haul away of your old mattress and box spring/foundation if you choose.  They will even move that old bed to another room if you want! 

Here are a few things to keep in mind about delivery day.

We hate waiting around too!

Although we will call you the evening prior to delivery with a 3 to 4 hour window for your delivery time, on the day of delivery you don’t need to stay home!  As long as our crew has your cell phone number, they will call you approximately 20-30 minutes prior to arriving at your home.  That way, you can be out and about and not stuck at home!

Parking our truck.

We ask that space be cleared on a driveway or parking area as close to the entrance as possible for our crew.  Please clear snow and ice from driveways and walkways.

Storms happen….

Sometimes as much as we try to make that delivery, the weather will not allow us.  Road closures, ice and snow can regrettably, cause us to cancel a delivery.   We hate when that happens, but we will reschedule you and get your new bed to you as soon as it is clear!

Don’t break Grandma’s Heirloom China…

Our delivery crew has years of experience in handling large heavy items in awkward areas!  But the last thing they want to do is cause any damage to any of your other items!  It ruins their day and makes them sad!  To help them out, please make sure that you clear any entries, hallways that they will use to bring the bed and furniture through.  This includes pictures on a wall, photos on shelves, etc.  Please make sure that floors are cleared of any tripping hazards.

Nothing in life is free……

But it can be affordable!  We do things a bit differently (can you tell that yet?) from other mattress stores.  We like to call it ‘common sense’.  See, we offer the lowest prices that we possibly can so our customers can take advantage of great values and pick up their items at our stores.  Or, they can have their items delivered by our wonderful crew, to their home at a nominal charge.  We know, ‘the other guy is giving me free delivery’.  We answer, you can’t get something for nothing!   That delivery charge has been added to the price of every item in the store,  so ultimately every customer is paying for their delivery via the higher prices, whether they pick it up themselves or have it delivered!

  Back in the day, everyone charged a delivery charge. Then someone came up with the idea of ‘free delivery’ with every purchase.


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