Our Customer’s comfort (that’s why it’s the first word in our name!)  and satisfaction is our highest priority. After all, a happy customer is a return customer! Toward that end we offer a 30 night Comfort City Comfort Guarantee. This means if you are not completely satisfied with your new mattress, we will be happy to exchange it, or give you an in store credit for the full amount of the mattress. Please read our Terms for full disclosure.



1) Customers are allowed a one time comfort exchange of equal or greater value of the original purchase. No refunds will be given. The size of the mattress must remain the same. In the event you choose a more expensive mattress you will be responsible for the difference in price.

2) You have 30 days after purchase to exchange your mattress or 90 days if a mattress protector was purchased with your original order. After the one time comfort exchange all sales are final.

3) The mattress must be in its original condition.

4) All law tags must be attached as originally placed by the manufacturer. DO NOT REMOVE THE LAW TAGS FROM MATTRESS OR FOUNDATION(S). The law tags hold valuable information and prove where/when/what the mattress was made and for who! REMOVAL OF ANY LAW TAG SHALL IMMEDIATELY VOID THIS GUARANTEE.

5) Proper support must be used for the mattress set. This means that Queens and Kings have at least 2 legs supporting the middle of the frame (see our photo description of proper and improper support on our website @ comfortcity.com, or in-store) or a properly manufactured ‘Platform’ (this frame replaces the need for a foundation) style bed frame has been used. 

6) Mattress cannot be exchanged if there are any rips, stains, tears, soils, odors, or visible signs of wear on the mattress.

7) Customer is responsible for paying all delivery/exchange costs. Our delivery drivers will bring out the new mattress and inspect the one that is being returned; it will be at their sole discretion whether to accept the exchange. Please contact a store location for more details.

8) Specially Priced, Comfort Line Value Mattresses, Irregular sized Mattresses (RV’s, Twin XL’s, Split Kings and Split Queens), Custom Order mattresses, foundations, power adjustable bases, frames, pillows, toppers, or accessories are not eligible for the comfort exchange. All sales are final.

9) Credit for a comfort exchange is limited to mattresses and does not apply to any delivery fees, additional products and services purchased such as frames, box spring, sheets and so on.

10) An example of a Comfort Credit is as follows:

Purchase Price of Queen Mattress Set: $699.99 ($599.99 mattress, $100.00 foundation)

ID Tax 6% :  $ 42.00

Transaction total: $741.99

Exchange Value for Mattress: $599.99 (Mattress) + 36.00 (Tax) = $635.99

The amount of the in store credit is $635.99 which can be applied to the desired exchange mattress.

11) COMFORT City, LLC makes no other warranties or guarantees for any product that it provides to it’s Customers which extend beyond the guarantees specifically set forth herein. Except as expressly set forth herein, Comfort City, LLC is not providing any express or implied warranties for any product that it provides to it’s Customers, including but not limited to Comfort City, LLC not providing any implied warranty of merchantability and Comfort City, LLC not providing any implied warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.


Questions?  Please contact the original store location and we would be more than happy to assist you.